Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paul Greenberg wrote an excellent column about the main stream media's lack of coverage on the military success against Al Qaeda in Iraq. He also writes about Sen. Barak Obama's assertions that the surge was doomed to failure.

Greenberg writes:

For news of victory, Americans may have to look to the foreign press. For example, The Times of London, which carried a piece by Marie Colvin the other day. She reported that "American and Iraqi forces are driving al-Qaida in Iraq out of its last redoubt in the north of the country in the culmination of one of the most spectacular victories of the war on terror."


osuzannah@aol.com said...

Michael - Thank you for the link to THE GUARDIAN ANGEL. It is wonderfully refreshing to read information and opinions from an educated man who is not permanently fastened to a tree,hugging it for dear life! Your link will be sent to all of my like-minded friends and a few who are not.
Susan Callaway

FYI I do not claim to be an expert on anything but the last paragraph of your Mission Statement looks a little off to me.
Should it say readers rather than reader and is of missing between variety and viewpoints? Straighten me out please.

Michael Maharrey said...

You were right, that little paragraph was a mess. I decided I didn't like it anyway, so I just deleted it. Thanks for pointing it out.