Thursday, July 31, 2008

A must read

Frank Turek wrote an excellent column outlining Sen. Barak Obama's lack of experience in foreign policy and his consistently wrongheaded positions on the war in Iraq.

Turek Wrote:

How can a serious candidate for President of the United States have a long-standing goal to end the war rather than win it? Great presidents don’t end wars—they win them. The only way the American military can be defeated is when American leaders forfeit the fight for them. And that’s exactly what Obama has wanted to do for years.

By forfeiting this war we will embolden Islamic radicals who will be free to turn Iraq into a new oil-rich haven where they will finance and launch a fresh round of terror attacks. We are fighting a suicidal enemy who will stop at nothing to end your freedom and mine. They will not be reasoned with, placated or appeased. They can only be defeated.

Obama seems oblivious to these facts. He has long been more concerned with placating head-in-the-sand liberals than defeating our enemy and protecting our freedom. Government’s most fundamental duty is to protect its citizens from harm, and Obama fails to meet the most basic requirement for the job.

Well said! Great presidents don't end wars, they win them.

Bush has remained committed to winning and thanks to his steadfastness, progress continues.

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