Sunday, July 13, 2008

Militant attack in Afghanistan kills nine U.S. soldiers

An attack on a U.S. base in Afghanistan killed 9 U.S. soldiers and wounded at least 15 more on Sunday. The attack was the deadliest in Afghanistan in three years, according to an AP story in the St. Petersburg Times.

While violence has decreased and the security situation in Iraq has drastically improved, the situation has deteriorated in Afghanistan in recent months.

The U.S. military is considering boosting its numbers in Afghanistan. U.S. officials say they need about 10,000 more troops in Afghanistan.

Many analysts contend the Pakistani government's inability or unwillingness to gain control of its mountainous border area has given Qaeda and Taliban forces a safe haven, contributing to their increased strength and organization.

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The AP story that I based this post on ran on the front page of the St. Petersburg Times Web page on Sunday night. I don't argue with the newsworthiness of the story, or their decision to give the story such play, but it underscores a bias in main stream media reporting on the war on terror.

I've not seen one story on the Times' home page highlighting any of the progress in Iraq. Just one week of blogging has proven to me it's not for the lack of such stories.

Therein lies the disservice of the main stream media to the American people. The press serves and integral role in a democratic society. People need information to self govern. But our press seems intent on only reporting part of the information. How can a citizen truly inform themselves when half of the story never gets told, or remains buried?

When a citizen reads a major newspaper or watches broadcast news, they can't help but come away with the impression that our efforts in the war on terror are falling short. This impression leads to a widespread lack of support of American efforts as we confront a dangerous enemy intent on destroying our way of life.

I'm not calling for the media to downplay or ignore the bad news. I'm not criticizing the Times for highlighting this story. I'm criticizing the Times for ignoring the hundreds of other stories that hold equal importance.

I am calling for the press to do its job - Its whole job of informing the American people. Not simply bolstering their political agenda.


Ky Woman said...

Their take is these wars are failing, Pres. Bush lied, and we are losing the battles...

BUT.... if you read other reports, mainly from boots on ground (milblogs) you will come to know that there are success in both Area of operations.

The main stream media has failed us for years. They no longer have any credence with me. As well as many, many others.

My question is this, "how did the MSM get to this point?" Were we so blind as to not see the forest for the trees? And, unless there is a major shift away from the everyday citizen reading or listening to them, how is it possible for us to 'put out that call' so they get it right?

Michael Maharrey said...

When I get a chance, I'll do a post addressing some of the reasons the MSMs seem to consistently miss the boat. having gone to journalism school and worked at a major paper, I have some insight and opinions on the issue.

Ky Woman said...


Here's a take on the MSM and our soldiers who have returned. This soldier just returned from A'stan. Please read some of his archives too. The stories he could tell, but won't.
btw, IMHO, HIS is the best out there, but I've been told I'm biased. yeah, tis true.